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Every year, Pike Place Market rotates its mural artists multiple times over to showcase our local talent and enliven our visitor thoroughfares with bright new works. This round of upcoming murals highlights an especially momentous milestone: a celebration of the 50th anniversary to “Keep the Market”!

50 years ago, the Market was saved by fierce grassroots advocates and Seattle citizens who voted to establish it as a historic district, immune from demolition and developers who wish to alter it into anything else but the vibrant hive of cultural activity and commerce that it is today.

Our participating Market artists Mallory Milke and Kate Endle have memorialized this victory with a special set of murals dedicated to the Market’s enduring legacy of strength and resilience. Par for the course on the significance of this event, these works won’t be just visuals to look at. Thanks to evolving technologies offered with augmented reality, the murals will come alive and animate when visitors interact with them via their smartphone cameras!

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Pike Place Market would not be here today without a group of Market advocates called Friends of the Market. They saved Pike Place Market 50 years ago and are still an active part in its preservation.

Read on to learn who the Friends of the Market are and how they saved Pike Place Market.

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Find a global array of delicacies and delight on the MarketFront Plaza!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new food program at Pike Place Market. The Artisan & Prepared Foods Program is designed to help local independent businesses, who do not currently operate at Pike Place Market, while driving business to Washington farms, create public awareness of local food, and foster connections between our farmers, processors and the general public.
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It’s officially Fall! From REAL pumpkin pie lattes to pumpkin pie yogurt, maple bacon doughnuts sundaes to hot toddies  --  Pike Place Market has all your fall favorites and some new items you must try this year. Celebrate the changing of the season with our 500+ small businesses at the Market. 


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From pop-up patios to street-side dining and rooftop balconies -- restaurants in Pike Place Market are making it easy for you to enjoy our Pacific Northwest summer. Review the list of restaurants with outdoor seating options below.

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