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7 Best Holiday Gifts for Kids

7 Best Holiday Gifts for Kids

Posted December 7, 2018

From handcrafted stick horses to magic sets and puzzles to cute hats and mittens, Pike Place Market has everything a kid needs to expand their mind and keep warm this winter. 

Below are seven gifts that will make the little ones scream with excitement. 


Kitten Mittens

These cute fingerless mittens by Kitten Mittens are perfect for the chic pre-teen or teen. Every pair of cozy fingerless Kitten Mittens is handcrafted by Jennifer Gay and made from repurposed sweaters, trim and buttons. They are available in a variety of styles, lengths and materials.

Added bonus: 10% of profits are donated to

Find Kitten Mittens in the Pike Place Crafts Market. 


3D Puzzle

When it's raining outside, entertain the older kids with a 3D puzzle from 3D Wood Puzzles. 

The puzzles are not only fun to build but when they're finished you can use them to decorate kids' rooms or a toy room. 

3D Wood Puzzles have more than 100 designs from dragons to construction equipment that everyone from kids to grandparents will love. 

Find 3D Wood Puzzles in the Main Arcade.


Hair Wrap Sets

Have a little princess to shop for? This hair wrap set by Hair Wraps by Amy includes four interchangeable beads and charms featuring a unicorn, heart, butterfly and a star.

Hair Wraps by Amy also sells ponytail wraps and flip clips. Find Hair Wraps by Amy in the Pike Place Crafts Market. 


Animal Hats

These Animal Hats from Hands of the World are perfect for children and adults. The cozy, fair trade hats come in fun animal characters like unicorns, owls, llamas, sloths, penguins and more! They are sure to have your little one's favorite animal. 

Each hat is hand knit in South America using an alpaca blend.

Hands of the World also makes jewelry and scarfs for older kids or for yourself. Find Hands of the World on Level 4 in Pike Place Market's DownUnder. 


Magic Kits

Inspire a budding magician in your life. The Market Magic Shop has a large assortment of magic tricks, kits and games for all ages and rang in price from $9.99 to $69.99.

The Market Magic Shop has been operating in Pike Place Market for the last 45 years.

Find them on Level 4 in Pike Place Market's DownUnder.


Stick Horse

You won't find this gift in any store. The Stick Horses from Just Horsin' Around are made from recycled stuffing, repurposed textiles and child-safe plastic eyes.

They are beautiful, colorful, handcrafted horses that will encourage kids to play.   

Find Just Horsin' Around in the Pike Place Crafts Market.


Piglet Piggy Bank

Do you know a child who loves our pigs: Rachel or Billie? Stephanie Schull's Pike Place Pigs are a classic Market gift. The handmade ceramic piglet piggy banks come in a rainbow of colors and feature a cork nose. Collect them all today! 

Find Pike Place Pigs in the Pike Place Crafts Market.