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After Dark: Ghost Alley Espresso and Market Ghost Tours

After Dark: Ghost Alley Espresso and Market Ghost Tours

Posted August 21, 2015

Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's most popular attractions, but not all its visitors are of earthly persuasion.

If you ask Mercedes Yaeger of Ghost Alley Espresso, a coffee shop located just a few feet away from the Gum Wall in Post Alley, there's much more to the Market than first meets the eye.

Yaeger also runs Market Ghost Tours out of her coffee shop; she launched it in 2004 after a lifetime fascination with the Market and its otherworldly connections. Yaeger has worked in various capacities at the Market and knows it inside and out. In fact, her father led market ghost tours on Halloween in the 1980s. Yaeger has built on his stories, adding extensive research and a gift for storytelling to bring the stories alive on her tours.

Along with the stories of ghost hauntings in and around the Market, Yaeger and her staff weave tales of other strange and fascinating aspects of Pike Place Market's history. You'll leave with a slew of stories few visitors have the privilege of learning.

Another plus of taking the tour: you'll be able to wander the market after dark, when the throngs of visitors have long gone home. Maybe, if you're quiet, you'll spot one of its more ethereal guests.