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It was a gorgeous summer day at the Out to Lunch Concert at Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle with The Paperboys from Vancouver B.C. playing stirring Celtic folk music with the Sound as a backdrop. It was so cool to see how the music enlivened the crowd, who stamped their feet, danced, clapped and sang along to the music.

Pike Place Market is sponsoring the summer concert series and bringing the Farm to Go Tote to the concerts, full of farm fresh produce from Pike Place Market farmers.They sold out quickly, thanks to the great treats inside, green beans, tomatoes, corn, nectarines and a bottle of Tuscan herb salad dressing from Gourmondo catering. 

We’ll be at every Friday Out to Lunch concert this summer, so come by and say hello! 

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Posted August 9, 2013

Pike Place Market has fuzzy, sweet yet tart, juicy PEACHES, fresh from the orchard! 

Quick Grilled Peaches Salad Recipe:

Slice the peach in half and brush with oil; grill cut side down over direct heat for two to three minutes until browned, and flip to the other side for a minute; serve atop spinach salad with thinly sliced red onion, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), orange juice vinaigrette, and either fried tofu tossed in garam masala or seared sirloin steak strips.

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Washington Celebrates Farmers Market Week 
August 4 - 10 

Sweet Corn and Pepper Salsa Recipe

Thissimple,versatilesalsamadefromfarmfreshingredientsgatheredatyourlocalfarmersmarketcanbeservedwith spicerubbedpork,grilledfish,chickenorsteak,ortrymixingitwithbeansorgrilledtempehfor avegetariantwist.Add wholegrainsandaleafygreensaladandyouhavea healthy,deliciousmealfor 4.(Leftoversgogreatwithyourfavorite chipsorahunkofcrustybread!)


4earsof sweetcorn







Salt& pepper,juiceof 1 lemon


Cutthecornkernelsfrom theearsofcorn.  Dicethepeppersandonions.  Sautétheonionsandgarlicina littleoil,over mediumheat,untilfragrant.  Addthecornandpeppersandsauuntiltender.Seasonwithsalt,pepperand lemonjuice. Addtomatoesandchoppedcilantro.Letcool.Youcanserveimmediately,butitwillbebetterthenextday!

Recipe courtesyofChef JasonBrzozowy ofTilthRestaurant,Seattle,WA

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