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Here at Pike Place Market, we value eating locally and sustainably – and it’s a value our vendors and restaurants share. Three of our restaurants, Matt’s in the Market,
Place Pigalle, and Pike Place Chowder, have joined a new sustainable seafood program called “Smart Catch,” which aims to help chefs work towards ensuring an abundant supply of seafood for generations to come.

As part of the Smart Catch program, the menus of participating restaurants are assessed and rated, with chefs agreeing to remove seafood that is overcaught or overfished as a commitment to serving sustainable seafood.
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Pike Place Market is welcoming some amazing new crafters! Among them are:

Kate Endle, an internationally known children's book author and illustrator. She and her husband, Chris Ballew, lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America, are the minds behind Kaspar Babypants, a popular line of children's music and books. Kate, with a background in graphic design, is masterfully able to create a fully expressive character out of the simplest of shapes. 

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Chances are you've been to the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market. But have you ever been behind the Gum Wall?

Past those sticky layers sits the birthplace of Seattle's improv scene, Unexpected Productions, inside the Market Theater. Unexpected Productions is the oldest premier improv company in the Northwest: The 34-year-old company has been operating out of the theater for 23 years, and it's given rise to a generation of talented comics, including Brendan Fraser, who took improv classes here, and Joel McHale, who was a cast member in the long-running Theatersports show in the 90s.

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Pike Place Market celebrated its 108th birthday yesterday! But did you know the Market was almost demolished in the 1960s? For this month's trivia question, can you figure out why Pike Place Market was nearly torn down?

A. It was severely damaged by the Great Seattle Fire.

B. A tsunami hit Seattle, destroying parts of the Market.

C. Gold was discovered underground, beneath the Market.

D. A proposal was being seriously considered to replace the Market with a
plaza that would include a hotel, an apartment building, four office
buildings, a hockey arena, and a parking garage.

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