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Gum Wall Snap! Contest

Posted October 31, 2015

Gum Wall Snap! Contest

Snap! Pop! Hi, it’s me, the Gum Wall! I've got big news and a contest to share with you: for the first time in 20 YEARS, I'm due for a total scrub down. Just like you, all that sugar can really mess up the surface of your bricks, er, teeth! Before I get cleaned, take a snap of me and upload it to the Gum Wall Snap! Contest to share your sweet, sticky memories with the world and get entered to win a personalized Market Charm! Join in the fun and upload your Gum Wall Snap!

Pike Place Market is many things: it's a farmers market, crafts market, tourist attraction, a multicultural hub, a local haunt. It's a living piece of Seattle history, and it's a collection of some of the finest dining establishments in the area. It's also a community, with services available to residents of the Market, community members, and our own artisans and farmers.

The Pike Place Market Community Safety Net is one such entity. It provides temporary, emergency assistance for Market residents, members of the social service agencies, or of the merchant, daystall and farmer communities who have experienced extraordinary hardship and are in need of assistance to regain their stability.

Unforeseen emergencies like illness and injury can lead to difficult times for the self-employed and small business owners who sell their crafts, food, and produce at the Market. They often have little to fall back on, which is where the Market Safety Net comes in. The fund can help with temporary mortgage payments, for example, if a craftsperson misses work due to sickness.

Tomorrow's Behind the Table event, hosted by the artists, designers and craftspeople of Pike Place Market, helps fundraise for the Community Safety Net. The fund also accepts online donations through Pike Place Market Foundation.

What happens to wine barrels when wineries are finished using them? Brothers Ron and Loren Ballard have come up with an array of creative uses that keep this amazing wood out of landfills: they reclaim the barrels, incorporating metalwork with the luscious naturally wine stained woods for wine racks, wine glass holders, lazy Susans, and more.

After he retired, Loren was searching for a project when a friend asked him to build a wine barrel cabinet. It was an idea that spurned a new business venture, one that Ron later joined.

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Our markets are closing up for the season, with City Hall ending Oct. 27, South Lake Union ending Oct. 29, and our Pike Place Saturday farmers market ending Oct. 31.

Now is a great time to come in and spend the Fresh Bucks you’ve been carrying around or have at home. Right now is harvest season, so there is a big selection of great stuff like corn, apples, pears, greens, squash, and root veggies. Hope to see you soon!

Market Trivia

Posted October 8, 2015

Each day at Pike Place Market, countless visitors take photos with Rachel the Pig, who sits beneath the Public Market Clock and Sign at the corner of Pike Place.

But most people might not realize who Rachel is, and why she's here. Is she:

A. Paying homage to the pig farmers who founded the market.

B. A bronze version of a pet one of the original craftspeople brought every day to Pike Place Market.

C. A symbol encouraging visitors to "pig out" on Market food.

D. A massive piggy bank.

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Meet the Buskers: Emery Carl

Posted October 5, 2015

If you've ever seen Emery Carl perform, you know how mesmerizing–and unforgettable–he can be. Carl is one of the longest-performing buskers at the Market, continuing a seven-year run that has him busking as a full time job. It's tough going, but performing is Carl's passion and that love fuels his efforts day in and day out.

The Kansas native captivates crowds with his multi-tasking feats, often playing the harmonica and the guitar while spinning a hula hoop, twirling on one foot, and more.

Carl has had past lives as a youth minister and worship director, and served a 10-year stint in the Air force National Guard. For more information on Carl and for samples of his music, head to his official website.