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Surprise your friends and family with gifts from around the world without leaving Seattle.

Hands of the World at Pike Place Market

Seattle is a port city—one of the country’s great gateways to the world—and the Pike Place Market has always been a hub for incredible treasures from around the globe. While you can purchase foreign merchandise at many big box stores, the Market offers something else entirely—goods that have been hand-crafted and lovingly curated. It’s a place where world traditions thrive and change from one booth and storefront to the next.

It's getting down to the wire for Holiday shopping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful gifts for friends and family. And there’s something wonderful about a present from another region—one that makes you dream of far off lands and cultures.

Here are a few stores in the Market where you can explore the wonders of the world right here at home:

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Pike Place Market DownUnder

Most locals think they know the Pike Place Market inside and out, but chances are, even if you’ve been to the Market dozens of times, you’ve only scratched the surface. Nestled away under the street-level stalls and shops is a magical assortment of stores called the DownUnder. It’s three levels of local wares, with surprises around every corner. You’ll meander past shops with classic miniature cars and then stumble upon a storefront with elegant scarves. Down the hall, you’ll find gifts all the way from Japan. There’s an incredible range of art, crafts, food, books, and toys. Not only will you get to feel like a kid exploring, it’s a practical place to get gifts for everyone on your holiday list.                                          

This year the spirit of the holidays continues to the DownUnder. Take some holiday pictures beneath the falling snowflakes and candy cane wrapped poles or find Market Artist Graig Anderson’s 2016 Holiday Button pop up of mousey under the mistletoe!

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Pike Place Market has you covered this holiday season with gifts for every type of person on your list. From foodies to doggies to kiddos, the Market is your one-stop-shop this holiday season.

Skip the crowded malls and shop in the heart of Downtown Seattle where the holiday spirit is always alive. To help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, we’ve put a handy-dandy guide together of gifts by Holiday Type. #MakeItAMarketHoliday.

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DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Hi there! My name is Madi and with the help of my sisters, Abby and Lacey, we run a food Instagram called, Coastal_foodie. We are food bloggers/influencers. I currently live in Seattle, a few blocks from Pike Place Market. While Abby lives in Boston, and Lacey lives in Denver. One of our passions is to share our food experiences through the medium of photography. Always competitive in nature, my sisters and I love to see who can find the best eats in their respective cities.

Today, I went down to Pike Place Market to create DIY holiday gift baskets for my sisters. They are going to be so surprised at what I was able to find them and I hope it gives you some holiday inspiration for your loved ones as well.

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