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Lunchtime Tunes with Market Buskers

Posted August 3, 2020

Join us on Facebook from 12pm to 1pm every Wednesday!

Take an hour break and rejuvenate with Pike Place Market. Every Wednesday, we're showcasing a new Market busker to entertain you through your mid-week lunch break.

Join us to support local music and our amazing Market Buskers during this time of no live music. Plus, we could all use a little mid-week rejuvenation and this is a perfect opportunity to recharge, relax and enjoy that Market sound we’ve all missed from the comfort of your work-from-home desk.

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Meet the Buskers: Emery Carl

Posted October 5, 2015

If you've ever seen Emery Carl perform, you know how mesmerizing–and unforgettable–he can be. Carl is one of the longest-performing buskers at the Market, continuing a seven-year run that has him busking as a full time job. It's tough going, but performing is Carl's passion and that love fuels his efforts day in and day out.

The Kansas native captivates crowds with his multi-tasking feats, often playing the harmonica and the guitar while spinning a hula hoop, twirling on one foot, and more.

Carl has had past lives as a youth minister and worship director, and served a 10-year stint in the Air force National Guard. For more information on Carl and for samples of his music, head to his official website.

Meet the Buskers: Gregory Paul

Posted September 30, 2015

Gregory Paul, a regular busker at the Market, has never had a music lesson.

"It was just something I remember loving growing up," he says of music. "I started playing guitar at 15 and I've always had an idiosyncratic approach because I'm not trained. Paul says he doesn't read music, but rather learns by ear.
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Meet the Buskers: Whitney Mongé

Posted September 21, 2015

When from alternative soul artist Whitney Mongé moved from Spokane to Seattle in 2007 to pursue an audio engineering degree, she rented an apartment in Pike Place Market's Stewart House. "I've been connected to the Market from the get-go," she says.

Though she'd sung and played guitar in church for years, Mongé hadn't considered pursuing a career as a recording artist. That changed when she noticed the Market's buskers.

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Buskers have performed at #pikeplacemarket for at least 40 years. More than 300 buskers perform annually, at designated spots throughout the market. Singers like Brandi Carlile and Whitney Monge got their start here- you never know what future superstar you may be listening to!

Night scene at Pike Place Market with busker Emery Carl. Thanks to @olyvian for sharing her fave Market photo with us for the #mycharmstory contest. Contest runs thru 11/30. Share your pics, use #mycharmstory and you’ll be entered to win a #marketcharm! Go to if you want one now.