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Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a hot destination for tourists and Washingtonians, but for some locals, the public market offers more than just a fun place to spend the day. Tucked away under the famous Public Market Center clock and sign, the Pike Market Senior Center (PMSC) offers services for seniors who need a meal, or a helping hand. For 38 years, the center has served low-income or homeless seniors in the Pike St. neighborhood. PMSC serves more than 1,400 seniors every year who participate in the meal program, learn about nutrition, enjoy cooking/dance classes or go on day trips.

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New Harvester Recycles Food Waste

Posted March 17, 2016

The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) announced today a major next step in its commitment to sustainable practices, an initiative to recycle landfill-bound food scraps into organic liquid fertilizer developed by WISErg, a biotech company located in Redmond, WA. This step is part of a larger initiative within Pike Place Market to create a sustainable public market for future generations.

The installation of the WISErg Harvester unit begins Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. and will continue through March 23. Training and demonstrations are scheduled for Market vendors the week of March 28-April 1.


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2015-2016 Annual Report

Posted February 3, 2016

2015 was a year of significant milestones and record breaking achievements. The following annual report highlights key accomplishments from each of the PDA's departments and major projects. In a year that included breaking ground on the MarketFront project, to reaching every corner of the globe with a story about cleaning gum, we also took advantage of historically low interest rates; refunding existing debt and issuing PDA guaranteed bonds for the very first time. Our Farm Program engaged in pro-active support for farmers in need who faced flooding and draughts in the same calendar year, and on the Residential front we maintained one of the lowest vacancy rates on record. The overall commercial performance of the Market exceeded projections in all sectors. Seeing the highest visitor traffic ever in 2015, our Maintenance, Facilities, and Security departments met the increased demands, ensuring a safe, clean, and well maintained historic district.

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Pike Place Market has long been famous for its food: fresh produce, flying fish, farm stands, specialty ingredients, fine dining…and the list goes on! But at the heart of the Market's food community is Pike Market Food Bank,a nonprofit that hasprovided residents of downtown Seattle with free, nutritious groceries in a friendly environment since 1979. To learn more about the organization's mission, reach, and ways Seattleites can get involved, we spoke with PMFB manager Brian Anderson.

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Pike Place Market is many things: it's a farmers market, crafts market, tourist attraction, a multicultural hub, a local haunt. It's a living piece of Seattle history, and it's a collection of some of the finest dining establishments in the area. It's also a community, with services available to residents of the Market, community members, and our own artisans and farmers.

The Pike Place Market Community Safety Net is one such entity. It provides temporary, emergency assistance for Market residents, members of the social service agencies, or of the merchant, daystall and farmer communities who have experienced extraordinary hardship and are in need of assistance to regain their stability.

Unforeseen emergencies like illness and injury can lead to difficult times for the self-employed and small business owners who sell their crafts, food, and produce at the Market. They often have little to fall back on, which is where the Market Safety Net comes in. The fund can help with temporary mortgage payments, for example, if a craftsperson misses work due to sickness.

Tomorrow's Behind the Table event, hosted by the artists, designers and craftspeople of Pike Place Market, helps fundraise for the Community Safety Net. The fund also accepts online donations through Pike Place Market Foundation.