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Market Trivia

Posted October 8, 2015

Each day at Pike Place Market, countless visitors take photos with Rachel the Pig, who sits beneath the Public Market Clock and Sign at the corner of Pike Place.

But most people might not realize who Rachel is, and why she's here. Is she:

A. Paying homage to the pig farmers who founded the market.

B. A bronze version of a pet one of the original craftspeople brought every day to Pike Place Market.

C. A symbol encouraging visitors to "pig out" on Market food.

D. A massive piggy bank.

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Market Trivia

Posted September 25, 2015

Pike Place Market is home to more than 200 unique owner-operated shops and more than 80 restaurants. The craftsmarket represents 225 local and regional craftspeople. What else is located in the Market, beyond these vendors?

A. Food bank

B. Senior center

C. Preschool

D. Health clinic

E. All of the above.
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What was once a one-room clinic run out of the back of a former bar has grown to cover two floors and a wide range of services.

The Pike Place Market clinic started in the 1970s by a grassroots activist who wanted to serve low-income seniors in the downtown corridor, says Clinic Manager Zandra Lee. As the downtown neighborhood has changed, so has the clinic's patient population. Today the clinic serves a diverse adult population, with almost half homeless or at high risk for homelessness. About 10 years ago the clinic became part of Neighborcare Health, which operates most community health centers in Seattle. Even as part of a much larger system, the clinic maintains its focus on the Market neighborhood and the needs of this community.

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Internship Opportunity at Pike Place Market! 

Do you know anyone looking for a fantastic and FUN summer internship for school credit? The Pike Place Market Foundation is looking for a Community Outreach Coordinator, who can spearhead public outreach at events for 10-20 hours a week. Interested candidates should email