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Lid Wear for Men and Women

Check out Lid Wear on the crafts line at the Pike Place Market. Sarah Goldie, artist and milliner, has designed and made hats by hand for over 20 years–creating a wide variety of unique styles with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Her rain and shine hats are "fashionable as well as practical" since they are waterproof, breathable and adjustable. Sarah takes great pride in her work, stating, "It's my job to make you look good."

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Pike Place Market craftsperson Angela Glass incorporates used and found materials in much of her work—a popular craft movement known as upcycling. Not long after first selling her handmade jewelry at the Market in 2005, Angela emerged as an artist known for her inventiveness, her craftsmanship, and ability to generate exciting new work. It's been thrilling to watch Angela's products evolve through her restless creative spirit. Equally as engaging is the theme of sustainability incorporated in the use of found objects and upcycled materials in her work. 

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