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The flowers are still blooming! Brighten up your home and support a Pike Place Market flower farmer! Right now, farmers are selling at Pike Place Market every day from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Throughout our peak season, April to October the Market hosts 30-40 small flower farms each day selling fresh tulips, daffodils, dahlias, peonies and more. Read More

Meet Our Fabulous Farm Program Team

Posted August 9, 2018

As we wrap up National Farmers Market Week, we wanted to spotlight our amazing Farm Program team, who work tirelessly every day to ensure that our farm program and farmers markets run smoothly day after day, and season after season. From supporting farmers on their fields (including the occasional work party) assisting with finding grant dollars, to setting up tents and packing Pike Box CSAs every week—and everything in between—our Farm Team is one of the best around!

We asked each of them to give you their best farmers market tips, as well as their pick for fresh produce this week, to help you experience and enjoy our markets even more:

Zack Cook, Farm Program Manager 

Favorite farmers market find this season: Pluots (a hybrid of plum and apricot)

Tip: “If you’re really particular about the type of produce you’re eating, talk to the farmers about their growing practices; just because something is organic doesn’t mean that it’s pesticide-free, and some produce might not be certified organic but it is not sprayed with any pesticides.”

Sidra Schkerke, Farm Program Coordinator

Favorite farmers market find this season: Lemon cucumbers

Tip: “Shopping at farmers markets gives you the opportunity to try produce that you can’t always find in a grocery store, whether it’s a specialty item or something available only for a super short season.”

Leigh Newman-Bell, Farm Development Coordinator

Favorite farmers market find this season: Easter egg radishes

Tip: “Indulge in seasonal standbys, whether it’s juicy peaches or fresh asparagus and then scout out something new from the market. I tried pink oyster mushrooms for the very first time and they are absolutely delicious!”

Carter Grant, Farm Program Assistant

Favorite farmers market find this season: “Fruit salad … yesterday, I ate four lemon cucumbers, four nectarines and two containers of berries!”

Tip: “Shopping at farmers markets is much more engaging than shopping at a grocery store.”

Jake Conklin, Farm Program Assistant

Favorite farmers market find this season: Cantaloupe

Tip: “Support local farmers; it’s helps our local economy instead of the bigger industries.”

Nora Landri, Farm Program Assistant

Favorite farmers market find this season: White nectarines

Tip: “Ride your bike to the farmers market and get a $2 Pike Buck biker benefit to use at our markets.”

Jeanne Currie, AmeriCorps VISTA

Favorite farmers market find this season: Lemon cucumbers

Tip: “Talk to the farmers to learn what they’re excited about and what is freshest on their table that day.”


Erica McCalla, Fresh Bucks Outreach Intern

Favorite farmers market find this season: Garlic

Tip: “Salt any vegetables that are water-heavy (eggplant, zucchini, potato, etc.,), let it sit for 30 minutes and squeeze the water out with cheesecloth; it makes baking or frying the vegetables much quicker.”


Lexie Holden, Sustainability Intern

Favorite farmers market find this season: Triple crown blackberries

Tip: “Bring your own storage containers, whether that’s mason jars or reusable bags; that way, farmers can keep their packaging materials and use them again.”

Next time you visit Pike Place Market or one of our four remote Pike Place Farmers Markets around downtown Seattle, we encourage you to try something new, talk to our farmers (and our Farm Program team), and support local agriculture and small businesses. 

National Farmers Market Week

Posted August 6, 2018

It’s National Farmers Market Week! While we run Seattle’s oldest farmers market—and one of the longest continuously operating markets in the country—every day, this is a fun opportunity to celebrate our farmers. We love our farmers and are so appreciative of the hard work they do every day to bring you the best and freshest fruits, veggies, flowers, edibles and other farm-based products.

In celebration of this week, here are some fun stats about Pike Place Farmers Markets:

Did you know that this season, there are 82 produce and flower farmers who sell at Pike Place Market and at our remote Pike Place Farmers Markets around downtown Seattle? From dahlias and sunflowers to berries and beets, you can taste the season’s best right from our farmers’ tables.

Additionally, we have 14 farm-based food producers who harvest or make edibles including saffron, honey, nuts, jams and relishes, breads and pastries, and more. These producers can be found both in the arcade and outside on Pike Place, as well as at our remote Pike Place Farmers Markets.

We operate four Pike Place Farmers Markets around downtown Seattle. These remote markets are offered every summer, from the end of May to the end of October. Perfect for downtown residents or workers who can’t make it to Pike Place Market during the day, these markets are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (see details for locations here). This is the first full season at our Regrade Farmers Market and the 10th season at our City Hall Farmers Market!

Pike Place Market has a wonderful Farm Program Staff that do everything from helping farmers apply for grants, identifying opportunities for farmers to increase sales channels, making site visits to ensure the farmers grow what they sell, setting up our farmers markets during the summer, managing our Pike Box CSA program, and more. Our four full-time staff are assisted by wonderful seasonal staff, interns and AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, who jump in to help in every way they can. You will often see members of our farm team around Pike Place Market, as well as at our remote markets at the info tents.

We hope that you will stop by our farmers markets this week. If you do, take a minute to introduce yourself to our many farmers, and thank them for the hard work they do to grow, harvest and sell some of the best seasonal goodies around town! When you visit, take a picture and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #pikeplace hashtag for a chance to be featured on our profile.

Hilario Alvarez, owner of Alvarez Organic Farms, and his son Eduardo farm over 80 acres of organic warm season vegetables and fruits in Mabton, Washington. Many know Hilario for his incredible diversity of peppers, of which he grows over 200 varieties, but he also grows a wide variety of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, onions and much more.

You can tell how passionate Hilario is about his peppers and his farm by the way he speaks about the food that he grows: "We grow so many varieties of peppers purple ones, long skinny green ones, deep red ones. I love that they are so beautiful and so good for you. I believe peppers help prevent cancer. Sometimes my customers tell me stories of how they use the peppers that I would never expect. Like one time a truck driver said that he used to drink coffee for his long drives, but after a while he switched to just eating a couple of habanero peppers from my farm because it kept him awake longer."