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Our markets are closing up for the season, with City Hall ending Oct. 27, South Lake Union ending Oct. 29, and our Pike Place Saturday farmers market ending Oct. 31.

Now is a great time to come in and spend the Fresh Bucks you’ve been carrying around or have at home. Right now is harvest season, so there is a big selection of great stuff like corn, apples, pears, greens, squash, and root veggies. Hope to see you soon!

Our Express Markets are still open!

Posted September 10, 2015

Our Express Markets are still open! You can find these handy mini-markets at City Hall Plaza on Tuesdays, King Street Station on Wednesdays, South Lake Union (410 Terry Avenue) on Thursdays, and Virginia Mason (9th and University) on Fridays. There’s plenty of great produce, flowers, and more, and they’re running through the beginning of October! More information can be found here:

Seattle's farmers markets, including Pike Place Market, value local produce just as highly as food access for shoppers who lack financial resources.

Pike Place Market, as well as our Express Markets, participate in a program called Fresh Bucks, available to SNAP participants (previously called "food stamps") at each of Seattle's 16 farmers markets. 

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Cold Asian Noodles with Chard

Posted July 20, 2015

Cold Asian Noodles with Chard

This cold noodle dish is extremely versatile and very refreshing on a hot summer day. The main ingredients create a delicious base and you can try adding additional toppings and ingredients. Enjoy!

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Blia Lor started her farming career at a strawberry farm after she moved to Washington from Laos 30 years ago. She later started her own 14-acre flower farm in Carnation and has been selling at Pike Place Market for 20 years. She also grows an acre of produce that she sells through the Pike Place Market Basket CSA, though you'll find her selling flowers in the North Arcade.

Blia's son Peter started helping his mom when he was seven years old, and he still pitches in at the market and the farm, while also balancing a busy freelance photography business and his studies in radiology. You might also see Blia's four other children helping out at the stall.