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Bring Forth the Berries!

Posted July 2, 2014

Fourth of July and berries go hand-in-hand. Instead of the usual shortcake dessert, serve this crostata—a berry-filled free-form pastry that's oh-so-delicious. Shop the Market today for berries and you'll be ready to bake in the morning! Recipe courtesy of Nathan Luoma, chef at Il Bistro.

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Local asparagus is on tonight’s menu!

Lots of delicious asparagus is available at the City Hall Express market on 4th Ave. between James and Cherry Streets. The market is open until 2 pm and returns every Tuesday through the summer. See you there!

What’s fresh today from the Pike Place Express market on First Hill at Virginia Mason: first-of-the-season raspberries and brilliantly green leafy lettuce. This new pop-up farmers market is bringing the Market’s farm-fresh produce to the First Hill neighborhood. 

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