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Happy birthday and 108th anniversary to Pike Place Market! On this day in 1907, Seattle shoppers surrounded the first farmers’ wagons on Pike Place to score fresh produce from the surrounding countryside. Thank you, Seattle, for continuing to support your Market through the years. We couldn’t do it without you, or the 500+ amazing and dedicated farmers, craftspeople, merchants, artists and buskers who make this place real.

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Let’s get your post-holiday brain working with Market Trivia! Do you recognize this scene from Sleepless in Seattle? It lasted less than two minutes but forever made this Pike Place Market restaurant famous. Can you name the spot? Is it:

A. Maximilien Restaurant
B. The Athenian
C. Matt’s in the Market
D. Lowell’s Restaurant and Bar

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It's time for Market Trivia!

Posted June 5, 2015

It’s time for Market Trivia! These sculptures on the Hillclimb stairs from Western Avenue are also:

A. Entrances to secret passageways
B. Bird houses
C. Light fixtures
D. Wireless internet hotspots

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In the feature story, “The Last Jews of Pike Place,” Seattle writer Naomi Tomky brings to light the contributions of Sephardic Jews in Pike Place Market and clues us in to where to find their descendants today, including Pure Food Fish Market, Three Girls Bakery - Pike Place Market and Sweetie’s Candy.…/lo…/308592/the-last-jews-of-pike-place