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More Room for Farmers

Posted March 20, 2015

More Room for Farmers Then, and Now, at theMarketFront Farmers, Cars and a Drive-Through Farmers Market in the 1920s

Trying to drive down Pike Place 100 years ago was a difficult prospect, even more so than it is today. In the Market's early years, farmers' stands and wagons lined the street, so only those on foot, horseback, or perhaps driving a wagon, could make their way through the bustling street. The recent history of the future MarketFront site, on Western Avenue, begins on that street, in 1920. 

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Public radio station KUOW featured the MarketFront expansion Monday after the Seattle City Council committee on the waterfront approved an agreement with Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority to fund the project. 

The Pike Place Market is going to expand westward. On Monday, a Seattle City Council committee agreed to pay $34 million from the general fund to build new vendor stalls, senior housing and a public plaza. The other half of the money comes from tax breaks, grants and philanthropists. The project is part of a larger effort to reconnect the market with the waterfront. Take a listen

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It's MarketFront Thursday!

Posted March 12, 2015

It’s MarketFront Thursday! Each week, we’ll be bringing you news and facts about our new “front porch” to the west of Pike Place. This front porch includes 30,000-square-feet of new public space that is currently nothing but air outside of the Desimone Bridge. Picture yourself stepping through doors at the top of the stair onto a public plaza with lots of room to eat piroshkies, enjoy an espresso and take in the view. Learn more and get involved:

Pike Place Market is growing, with a carefully planned and designed expansion on Western Avenue, on what is now the Desimone parking lot. Join us for a Town Hall meeting to learn about the MarketFront, how the site was designed, it’s history and what the site means for Pike Place Market on Feb. 19, at 6 pm in the Atrium Loft. 

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MarketFront Design Wins Approval

Posted February 2, 2015

MarketFront Design Wins Approval from Market Historic Commission & Market Community

At least a dozen times in the last 40 years, it seemed the vision for a completed Pike Place Market Historic District would remain in the form of plans and concept studies. Now, after decades of study, three years of community input, and multiple reviews by the Market Historic Commission (MHC), the design, usage, and donor recognition elements for the new Pike Place MarketFront were approved by the MHC in January.

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