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Meet the Producer: Sunny Honey

Posted August 13, 2015

Anne Smith is the queen bee behind the beautiful golden jars of raw, unfiltered, local honey at Sunny Honey Company! Anne began her beekeeping journey in Seattle about seven years ago. Once she realized what all the buzz was about, she moved to an organic berry farm in Whatcom County to live the sweet life and to bring nutritious and delicious varieties of honey to locals in Washington.
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DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine

Posted August 21, 2014

DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine, a cornerstone of Pike Place Market’s specialty food scene, has released its very own cookbook to the delight of the culinary landmark’s longtime fans. Specializing in hard to find ingredients, cheeses, meats and a complete selection of wines from around the world, DeLaurenti opened on the corner of First Avenue and Pike St. in 1946. 

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SPINACH AND MUSHROOM PIZZA from Mt. Townsend Creamery

Make your own homemade artisan pizza with ingredients from around Pike Place Market: farm fresh produce, local small batch Olympic Peninsula cheese, and house-made pizza dough from DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine. The frozen dough takes about two hours to thaw—cook it today or let it rise overnight.

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