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Get a taste of Spain with this farm fresh recipe from Pike Place Market

SALPICÓN from The Spanish Table

A favorite of Spanish tapas bars, this deceptively simple salad features chopped ripe vegetables elaborated with the chef's choice of seafood: surimi crab chunks, canned mussels escabeche, or freshly caught shrimp. Thanks to The Spanish Table for sharing this terrific recipe with us! 

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Quinoa Black Bean Salad Recipe

Posted June 26, 2014


Quick Recipe for Quinoa Black Bean Salad
- By Market staff member extrodinaire Scott Davies

Here’s a one-dish meal that has nutrition and a great taste. It’s also a great salad to add to; for instance, add avocado and sliced Roma tomatoes for added color and flavor.

Experiment with different quantities than listed below, too. You can emphasize certain flavors as you desire. I like to add more garlic, for example, since I LOVE garlic. This recipe keeps well in the fridge, so feel free to make a large batch to last you up to a week.

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From hobbyist to entrepreneur, it's been quite a journey for beekeeper Anne Smith. After working for Alm Hill Gardens Farm and as a salesperson for a beekeeper at the Market, she joined the Puget Sound Beekeeper's Club in 2008 and learned from as many sources as possible - plus through good-old fashioned scientific experimentation - how to keep bees.

"You can't really truly learn until you get your hands in it," Anne says. And well-gloved hands they are. She bought two hives, one each for Seattle's Capitol Hill and Georgetown neighborhoods. Those hives continue to out-produce their country cousins in northern Whatcom County. Anne believes it's the radiant heat of the city, a longer bee season (due to a warmer fall and spring), and landscaping—thank you, urban gardeners. "There is a small grove of Black Locust trees in Georgetown, the only in the city, that produces great honey," Anne adds.

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Take a springtime adventure to Pike Place! Take home first-of-the-season Copper River King and Sockeye salmon from the pristine Copper River in Alaska. The much-prized salmon is now available at the Market’s seafood markets: City Fish, Jack’s Fish Spot, Pike Place Fish or Pure Food Fish- just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. 

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