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Celebrate the Season with Figgy Pudding

Celebrate the Season with Figgy Pudding

Posted November 23, 2016

Searching for a fun, unique and festive activity this holiday season? The Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition and Fundraiser, presented this year by McKinley Irvin Family Law, is truly an enchanted event that appeals to all ages. This year, Figgy Pudding celebrates its 30th anniversary in Downtown Seattle/Westlake Center, and of course in creative song and in fabulous holiday spirit. In anticipation for "Figgy Friday," we spoke with "Head Figlet" Zoë Freeman, Wellness-Engagement Coordinator at Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank, to learn more about Figgy Pudding and the magic it generates for this vibrant Seattle community.

Figgy Pudding has attracted many enthusiasts over the years, from the talented carolers themselves to the amazing staff, community and volunteers who continue to keep this tradition energized.


How did Figgy Pudding get started?

Figgy Pudding started nearly 30 years ago with the clever help from former Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank Executive Director, Daniel Knutson-Bradac. Daniel wanted to create an event that was entirely different from the normal fundraising efforts. His vision was to form a truly unique community experience. Thanks to the support from many who nurtured this vision, Figgy has become a euphonious Seattle tradition that celebrates its people coming together in support of helping one another. This support includes free meals and groceries, one-on-one counseling and other critical services to those in need. Since the start of this tradition, Figgy Pudding has raised over $1M for the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank, which was founded in 1978.

What to expect at the event:

The Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition is a fun and totally free event! On December 2nd, also referred to as "Figgy Friday," dozens of caroling teams will gleefully sing their hearts out activating downtown Seattle street corners in and around Westlake Center. Literally thousands of Figgy supporters will be present to cheer on the carolers as they continue to raise funds for this great cause. The top teams will then have an opportunity to compete in a sing-off on the Figgy Main Stage.

How to get involved:

There are many opportunities to get involved. If you love to sing and fundraise, why not create your own group of carolers? Caroling Teams of 5 or more are still welcomed to register – the sooner, the better too!  If you prefer to participate as a Figgy Pudding spectator, bring all your friends and family to show support for the splendid caroling teams! And if you simply cannot make it to the event, you can easily donate directly to the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank. Last year the event raised $133,000 – help them reach their goal of $135,000.

Lastly, Figgy Pudding could always use volunteers! To learn more about Figgy Pudding and how to get involved, click here.