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Final City Hall Express Market Oct. 29

Final City Hall Express Market Oct. 29

Posted October 24, 2013

Pick up squash, apples, cider and more at the last City Hall Express Market on Tuesday, October 29. 

Xai Cha: Look for a full table of produce on Tuesday, including bok choy, mustard greens, kale, chard, beets, onions, squash, peppers and eggplants.


Pao Xiong: Your one-stop-squash-stop. Choose from Delicata, spaghetti, sweet pie pumpkins and more! Also find beets, carrots, chard and kale.




Bao Cha: Have you ever tried a Jerusalem Artichoke? This is the day to try it—or you'll be waiting until next season. They are crisp, tasty, and nutritious, and can be enjoyed fresh, roasted, or used in sautés and soups. Also stop by if you need a little pumpkin to make your desk more festive.


Sua Yang: Along with the beautiful flowers you'll find cabbage, Buttercup squash, kohlrabi, carrots and beets.


Alvarez: There are plenty of long-lasting foods you can pick up to help you make it through the winter, like potatoes, dry beans and beautiful pepper wreaths. They've still got lots of peppers, onions and eggplants as well.


Martin Orchards: Nothing says fall like a steaming cup of hot apple cider, so stop by the Martin's tent for a gallon to take home. While you're at it, pick up some pears (Bartlett, Danjou, Hosui Asian) and some crisp apples (Red Delicious, Garden Delicious, Gala) right off the tree.


Mt. Townsend Creamery: Pick up all your favorite cheeses and some salty cheese curds for a nice snack. Red Alder is a young Swiss cheese that is divine! Aged 45 days, it has a dry taste and is used like parmesan.


Holmquist: Make sure to stock up on your favorite flavor of hazelnuts. Dan will have them all: orange honey, Southwestern, and chocolate covered and natural hazelnuts– just to name a few!


Britt's Pickles: If it has just been "one of those days" you definitely need a free pickle brine shot! You read that right. Pickle brine, straight from the pickle jar. This week you can buy a jar of brine, perfect for marinating meat or to enjoy as a drink. Sample it for yourself at their tent on Tuesday. (Did you know Adele is an artist as well as a pickle-maker? Ask her about the "Pike Place Pickled Players.")


Sunny Honey: Anne will be at the market with lots of honey and beeswax goodies.