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Holidays Handled: Easy Appetizers

Holidays Handled: Easy Appetizers

Posted December 8, 2013

Vodka-Spiked Dates

Adults only! This is a favorite for cocktail parties, and is even more fun with a sparkly holiday beverage. This one's also a gift for the cook: it requires only a handful of ingredients, no stove time at all, and it travels well on a pretty platter.

In a bowl, mash 6 ounces Roquefort cheese with 2 Tbsp vodka until well-combined. Remove pits from 20 fresh Medjool dates and fill each date with a teaspoonful of cheese. If desired, top each date with a walnut half to hide the opening. Make in advance and keep chilled.

Where to shop:

Quality Cheese for Roquefort cheese

Sosio's for Medjool dates