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Holidays Handled: Easy Appetizers

Holidays Handled: Easy Appetizers

Posted November 18, 2013

Poached Cherry and Cheese Boats

This recipe stars Chukar Cherries' dried cherries. A quick stop for wine, cheese and produce (see shopping suggestions below), and you'll have all your ingredients. This recipe requires 30 minutes of cook time and 5 minutes of active prep–you can even do this the night before your party, making last-minute assembly a breeze.

Bring 1 cup red wine to simmer in a small saucepan. Stir in 3-5 springs of your favorite herbs (recommended: fresh sage or lavender) and 1 cup dried sour cherries. When the wine comes back to simmer, take off the heat; let cherries steep for at least half an hour or overnight. To serve, fill leaves of endive with a few cherries, crumbled blue cheese such as Valdeon, and, if desired, a crunchy bite of thinly sliced red radish or green celery for holiday color.


Where to shop:

Spanish Table for port, which is a fortified wine. Sharon recommends the Porto Rocha Fine Ruby Port, which is fruity and rich with cherry and plum flavors.

Spanish Table for Valdeon blue cheese. From Spain, this is a creamy and flavorful blue cheese that's not as sharp tasting as some blues.

Chukar Cherries for their Totally Tart dried Montmorency cherries with no added sugar.

Frank's Quality Produce for endive and herbs.