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Meet the Buskers: Emery Carl

Meet the Buskers: Emery Carl

Posted October 5, 2015

If you've ever seen Emery Carl perform, you know how mesmerizing–and unforgettable–he can be. Carl is one of the longest-performing buskers at the Market, continuing a seven-year run that has him busking as a full time job. It's tough going, but performing is Carl's passion and that love fuels his efforts day in and day out.

The Kansas native captivates crowds with his multi-tasking feats, often playing the harmonica and the guitar while spinning a hula hoop, twirling on one foot, and more.

Carl has had past lives as a youth minister and worship director, and served a 10-year stint in the Air force National Guard. For more information on Carl and for samples of his music, head to his official website.