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Meet the Craftsperson: Aaron Murray

Meet the Craftsperson: Aaron Murray

Posted September 1, 2016

A ceramic artist for more than 25 years, Aaron Murray creates porcelain figurines and earthenware that combine his love of folk art and animal forms with a dash of humor. At first glance his display appears to be an ancient artifacts exhibit, but upon closer examination you'll find a delightfully quirky menagerie of animals, robots and other objects, each handcrafted and imbued with its own distinct personality.

When he's not sculpting in his Ballard studio or showing in galleries throughout the Northwest, Aaron teaches pottery classes at the Alki Beach Bathhouse and Kirkland Art Center.

Aaron sold at the Market in 2005 and returned to the Pike Place crafts community last October. Please join us in welcoming him back, and discover your own personal favorite piece to bring home.

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