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Meet the Producer: Shong Chao's Farm

Meet the Producer: Shong Chao's Farm

Posted June 29, 2015

Shong Chao's Farm is a beautiful 28 acre family-run business just south of Carnation. They happily converted their land from a Christmas tree farm to a family farm that includes gorgeous flowers, herbs, veggies, and chickens. Phong and Ma's son Chai is on the farm every day tending to the crops and maintaining the equipment. He says that he loves getting his hands dirty and having the freedom to run his own business with his family. He wasn't always interested in farming, but after working for the Parks Department for several years he noticed he was spending more and more of his free time on the farm and realized that farming was his passion. Shong Chao's Farm has been selling at Pike Place Market since 1993!