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Pike Place Market Crafters Turning Rubble Into Art

Pike Place Market Crafters Turning Rubble Into Art

Posted June 18, 2019

Taking something ugly and making it beautiful is a standard practice in the art world, but what can you make with concrete and rebar? 

About half a dozen Pike Place Market crafters were tasked with that challenge using rubble from the Alaskan Way Viaduct. 

Check out what they came up with below!

Sabando Design

Kristeena and Ron Sabando of Sabando Design ran full speed ahead with this challenge. Hours after picking up the rubble they Instagrammed several stunning piece of jewelry

The collection is called, Highway 99 Revisited.

Rings, necklaces and pendants made from polished chunks of concrete and rebar then set in sterling silver or adorn with a gem can be purchased Monday - Friday at their table in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market and on their website.

Kristeena said the polishing process takes about an hour. Go behind the scenes.   


Charles Saul Designs

All Chuck Saul needed was large pieces of round and square rebar to create his viaduct inspired mementos and pendants.

These paperweights are polished on one side and etched with the State Route 99 road sign that lined the viaduct for 66 years.

Find Chuck Saul in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes on Saturday. 


Silver Cherry

 Kristin Schwartz of Silver Cherry found rubble from the Alaskan Way Viaduct created the perfect texture for her Full Moon series. 

"A full moon represents completion and a peak of clarity. It's a time to celebrate growth," Kristin said describing the series. 

Varies sizes of full moon earrings and  pendants are currently at her table.

Find Kristin Schwartz in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  


Falcorations Odyssey

It's a rock, it's a monster, it's a rock monster!

Artist Patty Roberts of Falcorations Odyssey turned viaduct rubble into funky whimsical creatures.

Find these rock critters among zombie bunnies and kitties, dark fairy rag dolls and plush tooth fairy monsters at Patty's table in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market.


Windhorse Rocks

Need a desk rock? Karen Kvernenes of Windhorse Rocks usually finds beach and river rocks from around the Pacific Northwest and sandblasts unique phrases into them 

Karen used the same process with rubble from the viaduct. 

Remember the viaduct with phrases like, "You want a piece of me?" and " Good Riddance!"

Find Karen in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market 6 days a week. 


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