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Pike Place Market is welcoming some amazing new crafters!

Pike Place Market is welcoming some amazing new crafters!

Posted August 28, 2015

Pike Place Market is welcoming some amazing new crafters! Among them are:

Kate Endle, an internationally known children's book author and illustrator. She and her husband, Chris Ballew, lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America, are the minds behind Kaspar Babypants, a popular line of children's music and books. Kate, with a background in graphic design, is masterfully able to create a fully expressive character out of the simplest of shapes. 

Ron Humphrey, from the Olympic Peninsula, is a master woodworker who makes all kinds of boxes for all kinds of uses, plus a whole line of products for gardeners.

Phi Nguyen, an exceptionally creative and generative potter who makes so many amazing pieces that one can be dumbstruck with choice paralysis in front of his shining display. In one line of work he has skillfully blended together 5 different clays with a similar kiln temperature, creating a swirled sandstone effect that he artfully accentuates with simple, beautiful glazes. In another line of work he hand-etches his playful and surreal cartoon-like characters into clay, and colors them in with glaze, often using accents of real precious metals.

Vanessa Latrimurti, who takes decoupage to a whole new level, using common found table wares and layering on images that add up to her unique artistic vision.She uses a combination of her own images (both photos and paintings) and magazine paper to create one of a kind home decor and food serving items. 

Rachael Jobe Cuba, a talented acrylic painter who adventures abroad and locally to gain inspiration for her original artworks. In addition, she creates wildly colorful fiber art fish and wool dread extensions.

Look for these new faces, plus lots of other talented craftspeople, at our daily craftsmarket in the North Arcade.