Folio Art: 1845: Memento Mori - Paula Stokes

Folio Art: 1845: Memento Mori - Paula Stokes

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Folio Art: 1845: Memento Mori - Paula Stokes


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum


93 Pike St. #307


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Artist Paula Stokes has created a Memorial dedicated to the Irish Potato Famine. The installation, made of 1,845 handblown glass potatoes, piled into the form of a cairn suggesting a burial monument is currently on exhibit at Method Gallery Oct 18-Nov 30, 2019.

This evening’s discussion will center around building community through artistic practice, honoring one's heritage and cultural history juxtaposed against the backdrop of current immigration policies and practices, and exploring how our genetics feature into generational transfer of trauma.

Moderated by Fidelma McGinn the panel features Paula, joined by curator and museum director, Shelly Leavens, accompanied by Dr. Catherine Duggan, research scientist at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, in the Public Health Sciences.

Paula Stokes was born and grew up in Ireland and moved to Seattle in 1993. As a modern-day member of the Irish Diaspora, she has now crossed the line and has lived in America longer than Ireland. “Despite my full integration into a new world, I have never managed to shake the intense longing of living so far away from ‘home’. In creating this work, I honor my Irish heritage and culture, and all immigrants who have come before me. I also want to throw light on historical events that have shaped the present and open a dialogue on how we can learn from the past.  I hope to create a bridge between the old and new, the past and the present. And in doing so I hope to elicit compassionate reflection that transcends the polarizing politics of our current time.” A recipient of numerous awards, her work has been exhibited worldwide. She currently manages Chihuly’s glassblowing studio, in addition to working on special projects.