For Farmers

For Farmers

For Farmers

The Pike Place Market farm program is a growing community that continues to adhere to its founding principles and values to support small, local farmers who sell directly to downtown shoppers of all income levels. The Market at large is governed by protocols and procedures found in our charter and Daystall Rules and Regulations. All who participate in the community are welcome to join in the process.

Farm Staff

Market farm staff can provide farmers with support and assistance with permits, certifications, classes, workshops, and more. 

Ivy Fox

Farm Program Manager
Office: (206) 774-5291
Cell: (206) 604-6020

Carter Grant

Farm Program Coordinator
Office: (206) 774-5253

Accepted Market Coupons

Pike Place Market provides several alternative currencies to enhance the Market shopping experience. These currencies provide access to healthy, local foods to customers from all income levels and stimulate sales for our market vendors. The Market currencies currently include:

  • Debit/Credit Farm Bucks (green color coupons in $5 denominations)
  • SNAP Farm Bucks (gold color coupons in $2 denominations)
  • Market Fresh Coupons (in $2 denominations)
  • WIC/ Senior FMNP (government issued checks in $4 or $5 denominations)

The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) prints all of the currencies except WIC/Senior FMNP. The Farm Bucks (Credit/Debit and SNAP) are double sided and printed on thick, synthetic paper. The Market logo is printed on the back, surrounded by a silver hologram border.

The Farm Bucks Program

A shopper can get Credit/Debit or SNAP farm bucks by swiping his card at the information tent on the street near the farm stalls (Fri-Sun) or at the PDA front desk (Mon-Thurs)

Credit/Debit (green): Customers can purchase $5 farm bucks with credit and debit cards. These can be spent at any farm stall and should be treated just like a $5 bill. Customers should be given change.

SNAP (food stamps) (gold): Customers can purchase $2 farm bucks with an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is the Washington State name for food stamps. Customers using SNAP farm bucks should receive NO cash change. The EBT card acts like a debit card but can only be used on some food items.

Approved Food Items: Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, seeds, baked goods to be taken home, plants intended for growing food

Unapproved Items: Nonfood items, ready-to-eat foods, hot foods, flowers

Market Fresh Coupons

Market Fresh coupons are distributed by the PDA and Market Foundation through the social service organizations at the Market. They cannot be purchased and customers should receive NO cash change. Market Fresh coupons may only be used to purchase food items.

Farmers Market Nutrition Programs

FMNP is made up of two federal programs, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) FMNP and the Senior FMNP. The programs seek to improve the health of participants by providing access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and to promote farmers markets. Participants in both programs are given information about nutrition, such as the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet and how to store and prepare them, as well as other information to help them eat a healthy diet. Checks can be used between June and October to buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

For more information:

Each farmer must sign up to be authorized to accept FMNP coupons:

Questions about Market Coupons?

Contact the Farm Program at

Downloadable Forms for Farmers 

If you are interested in selling at the Pike Place Market farmers market go here