Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

These lessons are designed to give students an understanding about the historic Pike Place Market community and how it operates. Use the lessons to fit your classroom teaching--to introduce or reinforce skills, concepts and information. The more lessons you use, the more you will maximize the educational value of your class's Market experience.

The lessons are designed to meet Common Core standards. They are also adaptable to cover myriad subject areas. While many teachers use the Market unit in social studies, there is ample opportunity to use these lessons in math, art, language arts and more.

While created for grades two through five, feel free to adapt according to the skills and needs of your students, whatever the grade. Extend learning by connecting with other curricula. You'll find resources listed in the Activities section.

Your feedback as an educator is welcome. Suggestions can be sent to scott@pikeplacemarket or via the Teacher Blog.

Script that corresponds with images [PDF]

Glossary of Market Words [PDF]

Market Vocabulary Worksheet [PDF]

Market Vocabulary Worksheet Answers [PDF]

Crossword Puzzle [PDF]

Market Jumble [PDF]

Worksheet for Sounds Game [PDF]

Sketches from Market Sketchbook by Victor Steinbrueck (25th Anniversary Edition, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1996. Used with permission.) [PDF]

Poster #1 [PDF]

Poster #2 [PDF]

Poster #3 [PDF]

Poster #4 [PDF]

Poster #5 [PDF]

There are 13 additional posters to share with students. Visit the Posters Gallery on the Activities page.

  • Lesson:  November 30, 1907 Dedication Speech Reader's Theater Script [PDF]