Market Foundation

Market Foundation

Market Foundation

The Pike Place Market Foundation

The Pike Place Market Foundation was established in 1982. The Market Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports housing and services for our low-income neighbors by fundraising, advocacy and community building. Over the past 30 years, The Market Foundation has contributed to a neighborhood model that allows our diverse community to live and thrive here at Pike Place Market. The Foundation does this by:

  • Providing funding to the Market's social services including Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market, Pike Market Senior Center, Pike Market Food Bank, Heritage House and PIke Market Child Care & Preschool
  • Providing Market Fresh Coupons to low-income neighbors so they have access fresh produce in the Market
  • Maintaining the Community Safety Net Fund to help Market farmers, merchants, social service clients and residents who need temporary assistance when faced with a hardship
  • Supporting low-income housing and development in the Market and throughout Downtown Seattle
  • Fundraising for the Market's heritage programs, public improvements and repairs to the Market's historic buildings

The beloved mascot of Pike Place Market, Rachel the Piggy Bank, is The Market Foundation’s best public fundraiser. Every year Rachel collects more than $15,000 in pennies, quarters and dollar bills in her bronze belly to benefit her low-income neighbors. 

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