Market Renovation

Market Renovation

Market Renovation

Renovation Success
Construction Completed on Time after Years of Planning

When Phase I of the renovation began in the spring of 2009, we anticipated that work would continue for three to four years. The major work was completed in the spring of 2012. Since each project resulted in a variety of impacts—ranging from short-term to long-term and minor to major—that affected everyone in the Market, it’s great news that we completed the renovation in three years. 

Highlights of Each Phase
Phase I work in the Leland and Fairley Buildings, Hillclimb, and Public Market Parking Garage resulted in an improved entry from Western Avenue; a new elevator serving Western Avenue, DownUnder, and the Main Arcade; a new electrical vault and service upgrades; new plumbing lines; an expanded loading dock; flooring repair; and a new mechanical central plant.

Phase II renovation took place in the Corner Market, Sanitary Market, Triangle Building, and First and Pine Building. This phase included major repairs (plumbing, windows, doors, stairs, fire suppression systems and flooring) in all buildings; major seismic and structural upgrades in the Corner, Sanitary and Triangle Buildings; mechanical and electrical upgrades; and new or upgraded HVAC systems. We added a new elevator in the Corner Market Building and new restrooms in the Sanitary Market Building. This phase of renovation created significant tenant impacts that resulted in temporary tenant relocations, temporary business closures, and apartment residents temporarily relocated.

Phase III of renovation involved  the Stewart House, Soames-Dunn, and Economy Buildings. We made major repairs, seismic upgrades, and structural improvements in each building. We replaced the exterior brickwork on the Stewart House; added a new public restroom in the Soames-Dunn; and added a new elevator and HVAC system in the Economy Building.

Project Priorities Were Met: Upgraded Systems and Structures, New Restrooms and Elevators
We long knew that capital maintenance issues were mounting throughout the Market’s infrastructure. In September 2006, we engaged a team of architects and engineers to perform a comprehensive study of the buildings the PDA owns and manages. The team worked closely with many in the Market community to develop a plan for the renovation of the buildings and their systems. 

Early in this process, we developed a list of priorities that would guide the development of the design work. These priorities are listed below—and all were successfully accomplished during renovation.

  1. Upgrade the electrical systems as needed to serve all of the Market’s needs now and into the foreseeable future.
  2. Perform code-required structural upgrades and additional sensible and prudent upgrades to improve the safety of the Market’s buildings.
  3. Provide sensible and cost-effective upgrades to mechanical systems to allow for the efficient environmental control of interior spaces.
  4. Provide new accessible public restrooms of reasonable size and located appropriately.
  5. Provide new elevators and other features as required to improve accessibility for disabled people and service to the Market’s buildings.

Thank You, Everyone!
We are thankful for the cooperation of everyone in the Market community. We also want to thank Seattle voters, who made this work possible. In November 2008, a taxpayer-funded property tax levy to update and replace the Market’s aging infrastructure was approved by more than 60% of those who voted in the election.


Photos: Renovation Progress and Projects

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