Pike Place MarketFront: A 40-Year Vision to Complete the Market Historic District

The MarketFront is now open to the public! Start planning your visit with our new MarketFront Map & Walking Guide.

For the first time in 40 years, Pike Place Market has grown with the “MarketFront.” A site built for Market producers in the early 20th century, the expansion reclaims the site for farmers and producers, and provides a dynamic public plaza with views of Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains, table space for farmers, craftspeople and artisan purveyors, retail space, low-income housing, a neighborhood center and parking.

The $74 million MarketFront project realizes a long-held vision of Market advocates, who won historic designation for the 9-acre neighborhood in 1971. The MarketFront will complete the historic district after more than 40 years of study and planning. Its design and use were created in accordance of Market historic district guidelines and the Pike Place Market charter. Read more in the MarketFront Grand Opening 2017 Report.

  • 30,000 square feet of open public space encompassing a public plaza and viewing deck

  • 47 new rooftop day stalls for farmers and artists; all weather Pavilion provides year-round use

  • 12,000 square feet of commercial and retail space for artisan purveyors in the new Producers Hall

  • 40 new units of low-income, senior housing including seven live/work units

  • The Market Commons - a neighborhood center with expanded social services

  • 300 covered parking spaces; 33 bicycle spaces

  • Multiple public art installations

MEET THE PRODUCER – New MarketFront businesses showcase on-site production

Old Stove Brewing Co.
Thirsty patrons will sip pints in a brew house and gastropub designed to make the most of the MarketFront’s open-air feel, with an 80-foot window-wall showcasing an expansive view of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains visible from Western Avenue. Co-founders Chris Moore and Brian Stan will have 20 house-made rotating beers on tap, including the brewery’s flagships, and the pub menu will highlight locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Little Fish
The new venture of restaurateur Bryan Jarr and award-winning chef Zoi Antonitsas will bring house-cured, salted, smoked and canned fish and seafood to a menu celebrating traditional Basque, Jewish, Native American, Scandinavian and Japanese dishes. On-site canning, curing, salting and smoking will be visible to the patrons in the bar and dining room—a windowed curing room will compete for attention with a 13-foot window view of Elliott Bay.

Honest Biscuits
Founder and Head Baker Art Stone learned biscuit making at his grandmother’s knee in rural North Carolina. In his new spot, he’ll serve up fried chicken alongside southern-style biscuits with Seattle twists, like the “MacGregor,” made with bacon from the Market’s own Bavarian Meats.

indi chocolate
Chocoholics will find paradise at Erin Andrews' expanded chocolate factory where she’ll serve up house-made elixirs, desserts such as s’mores, sweet rolls and Belgian waffles drizzled in chocolate sauce, and bars infused with local berries, hazelnuts and dried fruits.

More Farmers and Craftspeople
Visitors and vendors alike will dig the all-weather Pavilion with 47 table spaces on the new MarketFront plaza with views of Puget Sound. Rollup doors keep out stormy weather, allowing year-round shopping for locally made crafts and specialty farm products.


Western Avenue Senior Housing
Housing for low-income seniors has been identified as one of the most significant emerging needs in downtown Seattle and in the Market neighborhood. To meet this need, the Western Avenue Senior Housing, which will be located in the southern portion of the MarketFront, will feature 40 HUD studio apartments. Thirty three units are intended for low-income seniors, with seven units designed to accommodate live-work space for low-income senior artists.


A neighborhood center, The Market Commons, now serves as a hub for connecting and engaging the diverse community that lives and works in and around the Market. Operated by the Pike Place Market Foundation, the neighborhood center serve as a resource center to connect neighbors to existing services, as well as a space to develop new innovative programs to meet the needs of our community.  A wide-range of activities will be offered including wellness, educational, art and social activities hosted by a variety community groups and partners. Now open, The Market Commons hopes to welcome thousands of community members into the space in its first year.


The expansion provides the opportunity for three public art installations from local and regional artists to create a colorful canvas and contemporary feel to the MarketFront. Each new work is designed to reflect Pike Place Market’s unique history and cultural legacy.


Pike Up! is a $9 million capital campaign launched by The Market Foundation, $6 million of which will help fund the MarketFront project. For the first time in 20 years, Market supporters have the opportunity to engrave a name or message into Pike Place Market history through Market Charms, which will hang on the new MarketFront as an art installation; or bronze Piggybank Hoofprints leading to the MarketFront Plaza. Although our March 1 deadline has come and gone, it’s not too late to write your name in Market history! We just ask for your patience as your Charm or Hoofprint will be part of our second installation in Fall 2017. All proceeds support the expansion of services in the Market, including the new neighborhood center in the MarketFront. Pike Up! and write your name in Market history. Learn more:

Click here to locate your Market Charm or Hoofprint.


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