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Here at Pike Place Market, we value eating locally and sustainably

Here at Pike Place Market, we value eating locally and sustainably

Posted August 31, 2015

Here at Pike Place Market, we value eating locally and sustainably – and it’s a value our vendors and restaurants share. Three of our restaurants, Matt’s in the Market,
Place Pigalle, and Pike Place Chowder, have joined a new sustainable seafood program called “Smart Catch,” which aims to help chefs work towards ensuring an abundant supply of seafood for generations to come.

As part of the Smart Catch program, the menus of participating restaurants are assessed and rated, with chefs agreeing to remove seafood that is overcaught or overfished as a commitment to serving sustainable seafood.

For Pike Place Chowder owner Larry Mellum, joining Smart Catch was a no-brainer. “Why wouldn’t we want to get involved? I think it’s critical that we do what we can possibly do to
try and maintain the resources that we utilize,” he says. “It’s a fabulous program.”

Mellum has long valued sustainability, using the guidelines laid out by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to guide his purchases. Smart Catch draws on Seafood Watch’s work as well, so Mellum had to replace only one item on his menu to fall in line with Smart Catch’s guidelines.

“The smoked salmon on the sandwich we do was a farm-raised product and we were able to very quickly find a wild product to replace it,” Mellum says. “The Smart Catch program is proactive about working with the chefs and the management of restaurants to find new sources if you’re using a product that doesn’t fit the profile of sustainable. They will help you find those replacement products.”