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Frank's Quality Produce Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Frank's Quality Produce Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Posted March 12, 2019

Frank Genzale and his wife Sue at the grand opening of Frank's Quality Produce on March 12, 1979. 

The highstall in the Corner Market building celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 12, 2019, but the Genzale family has been at the Market much longer.

Frank Genzale and his wife Sue celebrate 40 years operating Frank's Quality Produce.Congratulations to owner Frank Genzale and his team at Frank's Quality Produce in Pike Place Market.

Their history spans four generations dating back to 1928.

It all began with now owner's grandfather Frank "Cheech" Genzale, who emigrated from Avellino, Italy.

Cheech and his wife Angelina grew onions, carrots and peas on their small farm in south Puget Sound. They then sold their crops at the Market.

Their son Tony (Frank's father) and his son's, Tony Jr. and Frank continued to sell their family's produce at the Market on the Daystall farm tables. 

Fifty-one years after his grandparents first began selling their produce at the Market, Frank and his wife Sue opened a permanent location calling it, Frank's Quality Produce

The family tradition of working at the Market continues with Frank's son.

After attending Central Washington University, Frank Jr. began working with his dad.

Frank Jr. says it's the people he meets at the Market which keeps him coming back. 

"People will come to you and ask for advice on how to cook with something," he explains.

"You'll give them a recipe, and they'll come back and thank you and think you're a chef. Things like that can only happen at the Market, and that's why this is such a great place to work. Once you start down here, it's hard to leave. There's no other job like it in the world." 

Frank Genzale Jr. poses with his mother on the 40th anniversary of Frank's Quality Produce.