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What's in My Bag: DIY Pike Place Market Holiday Gift Basket For My Sisters

What's in My Bag: DIY Pike Place Market Holiday Gift Basket For My Sisters

Posted December 5, 2019

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Hi there! My name is Madi and with the help of my sisters, Abby and Lacey, we run a food Instagram called, Coastal_foodie. We are food bloggers/influencers. I currently live in Seattle, a few blocks from Pike Place Market. While Abby lives in Boston, and Lacey lives in Denver. One of our passions is to share our food experiences through the medium of photography. Always competitive in nature, my sisters and I love to see who can find the best eats in their respective cities.

Today, I went down to Pike Place Market to create DIY holiday gift baskets for my sisters. They are going to be so surprised at what I was able to find them and I hope it gives you some holiday inspiration for your loved ones as well.


1. Sunny Honey Company

The first product I found was amazing honey! My sisters love raw, unfiltered honey and this shop was right up their alley. With many different flavors of honey, I wasn’t sure which one to get. They had lavender-infused, wild blackberry honey, fresh honeycomb and much more. I ended up going with the wildflower honey. This will be perfect for my sisters this winter for cozying up to a hot tea with honey! That takes me to my second stop.

Sunny Honey


2. MarketSpice

Here I was able to pick up some loose leaf tea. Not only did this store have a lot of varieties of tea but they also had coffee beans, glassware, and other spices. This was a great find and their tea is well-priced to not break the bank. I filled a container for just $0.95 cents! I went with African mint as mint teas are a favorite.

Made in Washington Bag


3. Made in Washington

This was a must stop. They have the cutest gifts, everything from Washington or about Washington. Whenever one of us is in a new city we always pick up something for each other. I have a Boston Red Sox’s hat from Abby so it was important that I found them the right gift.

I picked up this cute tote bag to hold all of their gifts that they can later use as a grocery bag. This store had quintessential Washington gifts – a must stop for anyone who needs anything Washington.


4. Drinking Straws.Glass

We have always made it a part of our lives to treat our plant respectfully. It was about time I bought my sisters glass straws. I found these amazing clear glass straws.

They come with a cleaner and have artwork at the top of each straw so you know which is which.Glass Drinking Straw


5. indi chocolate

While my sisters are health fanatics, I have always had a sweet tooth. My next stop was indi chocolate. This place was spectacular. They focus on small-batch, single-origin, dark chocolate. Out of all sweets, I felt like this was the perfect healthier (as healthy as chocolate can be) option my sisters would appreciate.

indi chocolate


6. Cobb’s Popcorn

I couldn’t make a trip to Pike Place Market without stopping here. Their artisanal popcorn is amazing. My favorite flavor is their vanilla salted caramel. We made a quick stop at their shop on Western Ave. to grab a bag for my sister’s gift basket.


7. Ghost Alley Espresso

One of my sisters’ favorite drinks is an espresso. We have had the privilege to try many espressos around the world – Italy is one of our favorites. I walked into Ghost Alley and asked about their coffee beans. I bought the Halloween Blend, which resembles the flavors from an Italian espresso with added caffeine. This will definitely help my sisters when they stay up late studying for midterms/finals.

Ghost Alley Espresso


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