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Take a Holiday Tour of the DownUnder: Find the Best Hidden Treasures for Everyone on Your List

Take a Holiday Tour of the DownUnder: Find the Best Hidden Treasures for Everyone on Your List

Posted December 13, 2019

Pike Place Market DownUnder

Most locals think they know the Pike Place Market inside and out, but chances are, even if you’ve been to the Market dozens of times, you’ve only scratched the surface. Nestled away under the street-level stalls and shops is a magical assortment of stores called the DownUnder. It’s three levels of local wares, with surprises around every corner. You’ll meander past shops with classic miniature cars and then stumble upon a storefront with elegant scarves. Down the hall, you’ll find gifts all the way from Japan. There’s an incredible range of art, crafts, food, books, and toys. Not only will you get to feel like a kid exploring, it’s a practical place to get gifts for everyone on your holiday list.                                          

This year the spirit of the holidays continues to the DownUnder. Take some holiday pictures beneath the falling snowflakes and candy cane wrapped poles or find Market Artist Graig Anderson’s 2016 Holiday Button pop up of mousey under the mistletoe!


How to get to the DownUnder

There are over eight different entrances to the DownUnder with access from the Pike Place level and by elevator or stairs from Western Ave…see if you can find them all!

Here is one way to get you started. Start your journey by heading into the main Market entrance by Rachel the Pig. Take a right at the fish stand, being careful to dodge any flying fish. Then look for the signs that say, “Lower Floor” or “Lower Market Levels.” Take a left and head down. You’re in the DownUnder!

It would take far more than one post to cover every shop in the DownUnder, but we’ve highlighted a few here to give you a taste of what you can find this Holiday season.


Explore the Mezzanine Level

On the Mezzanine Level, you’ll find all types of businesses including restaurants, wine tasting rooms, a barbershop and retail shops!


Polish Pottery Place
Stop into Polish Pottery Place for an amazing selection of home décor and pottery. Here you can find great gifts for anyone from kitchenware to linens to holiday decorations. Polish Pottery Place also has a huge selection of beautiful holiday cards.


Explore Level 4

From the Mezzanine Level, take the ramp or the stairs down one floor and you will reach Level 4.


A little ways past the Miniature Car Dealer, you’ll come across a beautiful pink and white boutique. MarinSaylor is the newest addition to the DownUnder. The store was so popular as a craft table in the Market; owners, Thomas Marnin and Skye Saylor decided to expand to a permanent shop. Lucky for us! The aesthetic of the space is bright and airy, which is further emphasized by outstanding views of the Puget Sound. But the real draw is the cute, cheery, one-of-a-kind toys like the Pastry Pets as well as their stylish bags. It’s the perfect stop if you have anyone on your holiday list with a fondness for adorable keepsakes.

Pike Place Magic Shop
Right next door to Marnin Saylor is the world-famous Pike Place Magic Shop. No visit to the DownUnder is complete without popping into this wonderland of illusion. A staple of the Market for over 48 years, it’s full of stocking stuffers and fun trickery of all kinds. Everyone behind the counter is a genuine magician and regularly demonstrates their craft for customers. This shop is ideal for the upcoming magician, prankster or goofball in your life. Be sure to check out their collection of yo-yos!

Golden Age Collectables
Seattle’s source for comic books since 1961, Golden Age Collectables is the Northwest’s premier comic and collectables store. Stop in and find an enormous selection of comics, movie scripts, posters, life-size cut-outs, board games and more! New this year, a Wonder Woman tiara and bracelet set for anyone who wants to feel like a princess as they kick evil butts and a set of Dragon Balls from the hit anime Dragon Ball Z.  

Giving TreeIf holiday shopping has you feeling generous, why not give to someone less fortunate?

Right outside Hands of the World, you’ll see the giving tree. Simply pick a tag from the tree, and return your gift to the Market Commons before December 19th.

The Commons are open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Gift cards can also be mailed to the Market Commons at 1901 Western Avenue, Suite 100 | Seattle, WA 98101.


Explore Level 3

Take the stairs outside Pike Place Magic Shop down one floor and you’ve made it to Level 3


BLFM Literary Saloon
After you’ve fully explored the first floor in the DownUnder, head downstairs for more adventure. When you spy stacks of books through a shop window, you’ve arrived at BLFM. Trying to find the perfect book for that special somebody? J.B., the proprietor of BLFM for over 20 years, has a knack for book matchmaking. J.B. is constantly scouting for great books, so you’ll find something new every visit. Pop in and get lost in the endless stack of books and literary treasures.

Gradient Art Gallery
Close by BLMF is the Gradient Art Gallery. This artistic co-op features the work of resident artists Mallory Mike, Mena Aklilu, and Robert Bellm. Thematically, much of the work of the artists is inspired by the animal world, though each artist has a unique take…stop by and see for yourself.

Holy Cow Records
Be sure to stop by Holy Cow Records, across from the gallery. For vinyl aficionados, a stop at Holy Cow is a must. Don’t let the small size fool you. This shop is chock-full of records, specializing in rare finds. And owner Miles Abrams relishes making customers smile with killer 45s and LPs.

Orange Dracula
Here you'll find Frankenstein, The Addams Family, Dracula and Harry Potter inspired buttons, candles, accessories, masks and more to make the perfect stocking this holiday! Their Zodiac patches are very popular this year, along with Madame Talbot prints. Check out the photo booth and take a pic with your newest find!



Keep Exploring!

We love these DownUnder gems, but there’s so much more to check out in the nooks and crannies below the Market. It’s a treasure trove of hand-crafted and curated gifts by local artisans. Take the time this holiday to explore a new area of the Market and find your new favorite shop! Already have a favorite? Don’t forget to share it on social media using #MakeItAMarketHoliday.

See you soon! 



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