Guided Tour Group Requirements

Guided Tour Group Requirements

Guided Tour Group Requirements

Tours are limited to the restrictions of the current phase of opening.

Current Status:  Phase 1
Limit of 10 people including guide, no more than 2 households per group with masks required.  

Pike Place Market hosts a variety of different walking tours where experienced guides give a peek inside the happenings of our busy neighborhood. The below rules apply to all guided tours in Pike Place Market, on the street and in PDA buildings.

All tour guides must display current visible permit badges (image to the right).

Tour guides must be sponsored by a company that has a license to conduct tours issued by the PDA. These companies must provide commercial liability insurance, have tour routes described in detail, and list all businesses locations they will visit.

An access fee is charged for each tour guest as a cost to each of the tour businesses.

All guided tours in Pike Place Market are subject to limits on group size, COVID-19 protocols and prohibition of electronic amplification. 

Licensing and tour guide permits are required for any tour within Market buildings or shop spaces. Tours inside buildings are not currently permitted under COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing. 

Additional information can be found in the links below.

If you have any questions please contact the PDA at