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Pop-Up Murals are Back at Pike Place Market…This Time with a Wild Side

Pop-Up Murals are Back at Pike Place Market…This Time with a Wild Side

Posted June 2, 2021

This month, Pike Place Market and the Woodland Park Zoo have teamed up to celebrate our wonderful city! Market artists are transforming bare walls into remarkable interactive pop-up murals hidden around Pike Place Market.

Each Tuesday in June, the Market will reveal a new photo on our social media channels celebrating the beautiful animals from Woodland Park Zoo and the atmosphere of Pike Place Market: Community, Crafters, Entertainment, Farmers, Grocery, Dining, and Retail!

To accompany these photos, four large temporary interactive pop-up murals will begin to appear at the Market. We challenge you to find them all before they are gone! Be sure to tag us at @PikePlaceMarket, #MakeItAMarketDay

If you just can’t wait, head down to Pike Place Market early to make it a Market day and hunt for them yourself.

Map of pop-up murals at Pike Place Market


Check back here each week to see the newest mural, and follow us on social media to see Woodland Park Zoo animals visit the Market and show us their habitat.



Mural 1: I Wear My Love for the Market on My Sleeve
Inspired by the retail shops of the Market

Artist: Ariel Parrow
Market Business: Atlantis Art Studio + Gallery (DownUnder Level 3)

This week we’re wild about the Market’s 100+ retail shops! The Market is full of treasures around every corner. Whether you visit the Market daily or are a first-timer, you will always discover something special. The Market has you covered from art, books, jewelry, toys, apparel, comic books, and more. Snap a pic with this edgy mural to show your love for Pike Place Market’s small businesses.    

Find me near Ruby’s Gift Shop and Sound View Cafe in the DownUnder

Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo


Mural 2: Toss Yourself Something Nice
Inspired by fresh ingredients and food stands at the Market

Artist: Rosie Fern
Market Business: Rosie Fern Illustration (Craft Market)

 And now you can be a fish monger, too! You can show your love for all the local grocery vendors at the Market by “tossing a fish” strike a pose and tag us on social media! Not only can you visit four seafood Markets at Pike Place Market, shop the Market and delight in the fresh, best-tasting and highest quality ingredients across all nine-acres. The Market is your ultimate backyard grocer, from produce stands to specialty markets and onsite butchers to artisanal goods everything at the Market is fresh and in one place.

Find me on Pine St. between Cinnamon Works and Rachel's Ginger Beer.

Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo, and @brightest_violet


Mural 3: Give Into Your Wild Side
Inspired by the Market’s generations of farmers and world-class flowers.

Artist: Gradient Art Gallery
Market Business: Gradient Art Gallery (DownUnder Level 3)

The tradition of Meet the Producer and world-class flower bouquets is alive at the Market. These beautiful, seasonal flowers that brighten our gardens and rooms wouldn’t be possible without the farmers who carefully cultivate them. Stop by the Market and pickup a bouquet for yourself or as a gift. All flowers are locally grown in King, Snoqualmie and Whatcom counties. Not only does the Market have the most beautiful flowers, it is also home to many farmers offering specialty products including honey, nuts, hot sauce, seasonal produce, preserves and more!

Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo and @strongholdmom


Mural 4: Unique on a Whole Other Level
Inspired by the Market’s world-renowned Crafts Market and 225+ artists, crafters, woodworkers, glassblowers, sculptors, photographers, designers and more!

Artist: Wais Ali
Market Business: Wais Ali (Craft Market)

Did you know Pike Place Market is home to over 225 crafts people? Everything you find in the crafts market is 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind. From fine art to jewelry and cashmere apparel to natural body products the Market is the one-stop-shop for endless shopping. The Market is also build on the “Meet the Producer” tradition. When you shop the crafts market you are interacting with the actual artist or producer that made the items you love.

Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo